2018/07/04 VIOTECH got its FSW dealership from HITACHI

The technical partners of VIOTECH are composed of senior design and manufacturing team of domestic optical and software industry. The main products are mainly exported to the market. Recently, the Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "Friction Stir Welding" (FSW) unit was established in Taiwan to provide high-quality aluminum alloy materials and mass production solutions. Meet the needs of lightweight vehicles and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Wu Sancai, chairman of VIOTECH, said that there are Japanese companies commissioning LED laser cutting machine maintenance services and Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturers' maintenance outsourcing service experience. We are optimistic about Taiwan's high value-added OEM industry and Industry 4.0's industrial automation intelligence trend, and Dingyi also expands the sales of agency industry machinery and equipment.

We are optimistic about the demand for aluminum alloy processed products brought about by the trend of lightweight vehicles. VIOTECH has obtained the FSW in Taiwan as the general agent of Hitachi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in combination with Japan DHOWA TECHNOS. FSW is a new technology of solid phase bonding process. After the friction head is rubbed with the workpiece to generate thermal energy to soften it (plastic deformation), the tool is moved along the welding direction to complete the material integration, forming a defect-free high-quality joint, which is more general fusion welding. , the material can get better strength.

FSW is suitable for low melting point metals such as aluminum alloy, steel, titanium, copper and magnesium alloy. It can also be used as a dissimilar material and welded with different thicknesses. It is a low-energy and high-quality welding method. In addition, the advantages include: the whole process is simple, no need to use consumables such as welding rods or fillers, correcting the working hours of the welding parts, eliminating the need to remove the surface oxide of the workpiece before welding, and automating the whole process. Provides a wide range of applications in the industrial and manufacturing industries, such as car body, hood, bumper, tire aluminum ring, hull, deck, as well as train body, vehicle bottom, semiconductor industry cooling plate, can be made through FSW device And improve quality.

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